How To's!

Application is extremely easy and super fast!

  •  Trim and shape your nails to your desired length and shape, then gently buff the surface
  • Clean debris from nails with alcohol wipe
  • Choose the nail wrap strip that best fits the width of your nail bed
  • Remove the clear plastic protective film from the nail wrap strip
  • Peel the nail wrap strip away from the paper backing
  • Apply the nail wrap strip to your nail and press down firmly to secure
  • File the excess off at the free edge of your nail (we recommend filing in only one direction to prevent from accidentally tearing the wrap)
  • Apply a top coat of your choice (optional)



Make yourself a personalized nail template!

If you are slightly OCD like myself, then you'll want a clean finish at your cuticle edge. All you need is a few everyday items...

  1. Scotch tape
  2. Scissors
  3. Pen (preferably ball point)
  4. Stiff, but malleable material (card stock works great)
    • Cover your nails with scotch tape and press in firmly around the edges and along your cuticle line
    • Draw a line around those edges with the pen
    • Remove the tape from your nails and adhere to your card stock
    • Cut along the lines

We suggest placing the tape onto the card stock in order of your nails and on opposing sides of each other, much like a set of nail wraps. Label each side with left/right and each nail template i.e., RT for right thumb or LP for left pinky. It's also wise to label the top/bottom sides of your template so you know which side to face up when using.


Application tips and tricks!

How to cover 2 nails with one strip!

  • Make sure you clean your nails thoroughly from any debris as this may cause ridges, bumps, and bubbles. Alcohol wipes are a great way to remove any excess moisture as well
  • After removing the protective plastic film, place your template over the strip and trim the cuticle edge (and sides if needed)
  • After you remove the strip from the paper backing, place it back onto the backing at a 90 degree angle so that the adhesive is accessible on the side you will be using
  • Place and adhere the strip to your nail
  • Using scissors, carefully trim the excess off only leaving a slight amount to file off for a clean edge
  • Place the next nail template over the remaining portion of the strip and again trim the cuticle edge (and sides if needed) removing the silver tab as well in the process
  • Reposition the strip on the backing or remove it from the backing completely
  • Adhere it to your nail
  • File off any excess wrap at your free edges

Help your manicure last longer and wear better!

  • Wash your hands to remove any excess oils
  • Use an alcohol wipe to remove any debris
  • Avoid getting any nail product on your surrounding skin, including your cuticles
  • Do not attempt to adhere the wrap to skin, it will begin to lift exposing the adhesive and resulting in lifting of your wrap
  • We recommend using a base coat when using any nail products, preferably a strengthening or vitamin rich product
    • We like Nail Tek #2 Strengthener
    • We like Orly Bonder for oilier nail beds
  • We suggest using a quality top coat to prolong the life of your manicure. We do not suggest using a quick dry top coat as most will cause your wraps to shrink
    • We like Orly Won't Chip for a glossy look
    • We like Orly Matte Top for that matte look
    • We like Beetles UV Gel Kit for that salon quality finish
  • Try to avoid exposing your hands to water, especially hot water, or any form of excess moisture for any prolonged length of time during the first few hours (this does not apply when using UV gel kit)


How to properly apply a UV gel kit with your nail wraps!

  • Apply your usual everyday base coat and allow to dry
  • Apply your nail wrap
  • Apply your UV gel BASE coat and cure with lamp
  • Apply your UV gel TOP coat and cure with lamp

Using this application method keeps your natural nail protected from any damage from the UV products and keeps the removal process super easy.

Please watch this video tutorial on how to properly use UV gel polish base/top coats with your nail wraps without damage to your fingernails.




How to remove your nail wraps!

Removal is just as easy as application! There's no need for polish remover, unless you prefer that method. All you need is a little cuticle oil or coconut oil and a cuticle pusher. 

  • Using the pointed side of your cuticle pusher, gently lift a tiny corner of the wrap from your nail
  • Apply a small amount of your oil of choice under the lifted corner
  • Using the rubber pusher side, work the cuticle pusher in a sliding motion to and fro under the nail wrap until it has been completely removed
**Do not peel the wraps off of your nails; as this may cause damage to your nail resulting in thinning, brittle nails.